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“Making Education Easy is our only Motto”

Manoj, Founder

About Me

My name is Manoj. I am from Tamilnadu, India. I finished my Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I have also completed my Master’s Degree in VLSI Design. 

My interests are teaching, learning new things, reading, shooting videos, writing articles, etc. I am an Educator, Blogger, and YouTuber.

I am running three YouTube channels. One for education and the other two for shopping and speaking respectively.

WHAT do I do?

My only motto is to make education easy. I primarily focus on teaching programming concepts on this website. However, I am also planning to bring other curses like Microprocessors, VLSI Design, IoT, etc.

I also write articles on ICT Tools, Motivation, Inspiration and Teaching Methodologies. 

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